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Introduction to IATR

The goal for this site is to provide a centrally available listing of all image analysis tools that are available to the neuroscience community in order to facilitate the development, identification, and sharing of tools that are of use to the general community. It is hoped that this helps the "tool developers" to get their tools to a larger user community and to reduce redundancy (or at least utilize tool redundancy to facilitate optimal tool design) in tool development. This also helps "tool users" in identification of the existing tools for specific problems as they arise.

The registry is designed to be self-moderated. This means that all tool entries are "owned" by some responsible party who enters the tool information, and keeps it up to date via the Web.

Anyone that has tools that have been developed are encouraged to do the following:

  1. Designate someone to be the person to update this site.
  2. Have them create a new account for editing tool information.
  3. Have them create entries for all the tools that have been developed.