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Neuroradiology Dpt, C.H.U. de Bicêtre
MR Diffusion and CT/MR Perfusion analysis software. DTI and Fiber Tracking.
Quantitative perfusion (FFT and SVD).
Time series realignment, Normalization, Statistics.
Import, Export and Printing functions and more...
NIfTI-1 support
Denis Ducreux
How to get
Web Site + License file
Current version
Current version release date
Open source
Available free of charge
Pentium IV Class processor,
1 GB of RAM,
OpenGL compatible video card, 32 bits in 1280x1024,
100 Mb of disk space (software),
> 1 GB Mb of disk space (data),
CD ROM, network connection, ...
Windows NT4 SP4 or above, 98, 2000 or XP
Technical publications
DPTOOLS - Diffusion, Perfusion sous Windows. D. Ducreux, A. M. Smith, C. Oppenheim, G. Cosnard, J.
Bittoun, P. Lasjaunias. INFORMAG 2001
Applications publications
D. Ducreux, M.C. Petit-Lacour, F. Benoudiba, V. Castelain, K. Marsot-Dupuch. Diffusion-Weigthed Imaging in a case of Wernicke Encephalopathy. Journal of Neuroradiology 2002, 29: 39-42

D. Ducreux, MC. Petit-Lacour, K. Marsot-Dupuch, J. Bittoun, P. Lasjaunias. MR Perfusion Imaging in a case of Proliferative Angiopathy. European Radiology 2002, 12(11):2717-22

R. Agid, D. Ducreux, D. J. Mikulis, W. C. Halliday, W. Kucharczyk, A.M. Keller, K. terBrugge. MR Diffusion-Weighted Imaging in a Case of West Nile Virus Encephalitis. Neurology 2003 Dec 23;61(12):1821-1823

D. Ducreux, R. H. Wu, D. J. Mikulis, K. terBrugge. MR Diffusion-weighted and Single-Voxel Spectroscopy Findings in a case of Cerebral Malignant Lymphoma. Neuroradiology 2003 Dec;45(12):865-8

D. Ducreux, J.F. Meder, D. Fredy, J. Bittoun, P. Lasjaunias. MR Perfusion Imaging Studies in Proliferative Angiopathies. Neuroradiology, 2004 Jan ;10.1007/s00234-003-1045-6

YC Weon, D. Ducreux, H. Alvarez, P. Lasjaunias. MR Perfusion Imaging in a Case of Vein of Galen Malformation with secondary Capilarrectasia. Interv. Neuroradiol. 2003, 9:57-63

D. Ducreux, G. Nasser, P. Fillard, D. Adams, C. Lacroix, P. Lasjaunias. Diffusion Tensor Imaging, MR spectroscopy and Fiber tracking of an unusual MELAS. AJNR Am J Neuroradiol. 2005 Aug;26(7):1840-4

D. Facon, J.F. Lepeintre, P. Fillard, P. Lasjaunias, D. Ducreux. Diffusion Tensor Imaging and Fiber Tracking of acute pinal cord compressions. AJNR Am J Neuroradiol. 2005 Jun-Jul;26(6):1587-94

D. Ducreux, I. Huynh, MC Petit-Lacour, P. Lasjaunias. Diffusion Tensor Imaging of Diffuse Axonal Injuries. Neuroradiology. 2005 Aug;47(8):604-8. Epub 2005 Jun 23
Other information
diffusion, fiber tracking, functional, perfusion, registration, segmentation, statistical, visualization, volume, warping
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21 Sep 2005