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University of Minnesota
The NPAIRS (Nonparametric, Prediction, Activation, Influence, Reproducibility, re-Sampling) package provides a statistical resampling framework with GLM, PCA and CVA data analysis options forming the basic building blocks for benchmarking and comparing data processing choices and preprocessing pipelines using prediction and reproducibility performance metrics. The distribution package also includes flexible visualization and plotting tools for displaying the results of NPAIRS analyses.

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NIfTI-1 support
Steve Strother; Jon Anderson
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How to get
The website has an automated software distribution system; visitors fill out an on-line request form and acknowledge having read our disclaimer form. They are then given one-day download access.
Current version
Current version release date
April, 2003
Open source
Available free of charge
IDL v5.2 or greater
UNIX or Linux operating system
one file per data volume
file format is Analyze or VAPET
Technical publications
Strother SC, Rehm K, Lange N, Anderson JR, Schaper KA, Hansen LK, Rottenberg DA. Measuring activation pattern reproducibility using resampling techniques. In: Quantitative functional brain imaging with Positron Emission Tomography. (Carson RE, Daube-Witherspoon ME, Herscovitch P, eds.), Academic Press, San Diego, pp. 241-246, 1998.

Strother SC, Anderson J, Hansen LK, Kjems U, Kustra R, Siditis J, Frutiger S, Muley S, LaConte S, Rottenberg D. The quantitative evaluation of functional neuroimaging experiments: The NPAIRS data analysis framework. Neuroimage 15:747-771, 2002.

Kjems U, Hansen LK, Anderson J, Frutiger SA, Sidtis JJ, Rottenberg D, Strother SC. The quantitative evaluation of functional neuroimaging experiments: Mutual information learning curves. Neuroimage 15:772-786, 2002.

Applications publications
Strother SC, Lange N, Anderson JR, Schaper KA, Rehm K, Hansen LK, Rottenberg DA. Activation pattern reproducibility: Measuring the effects of group size and data analysis models. Hum Brain Mapp, 5:312-316, 1997.

Tegeler C, Strother SC, Anderson JR, Kim S-G. Reproducibility of BOLD-based functional MRI obtained at 4T. Hum Brain Mapp, 7:267-283, 1999.

Frutiger S, Strother SC, Anderson JR, Sidtis JJ, Arnold JB, Rottenberg DA. Multivariate predictive relationship between kinematic and functional activation patterns in a PET study of visuomotor learning. Neuroimage 12:515-527, 2000.

Muley SA, Strother SC, Ashe J, Frutiger SA, Anderson JR, Sidtis JJ, Rottenberg DA. Effects of changes in experimental design on PET studies of isometric force. Neuroimage 13:185-195, 2001.

Shaw M, Strother SC, McFarlane AC, Morris P, Anderson J, Clark CR, Egan GF. Abnormal functional connectivity in post-traumatic stress disorder. Neuroimage 15:661-674, 2002.

LaConte S, Anderson J, Muley S, Frutiger S, Hansen LK, Yacoub E, Xiaoping H, Rottenberg D, Ashe J, Strother SC. Evaluating preprocessing choices in single-subject BOLD-fMRI studies using data-driven performance metrics. NeuroImage 18:1027, 2003

Shaw ME, Strother SC, Gavrilescu M, Podzebenko K, Waites A, Watson J, Anderson J, Jackson G, Egan G. Evaluating subject specific preprocessing choices in multi-subject BOLD fMRI data sets using data driven performance metrics. Neuroimage (in press).

Other information
functional, HBP supported, resampling, statistical, visualization
IDL, Linux, UNIX
IATR listing last updated
15 May 2003