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Brain Image
Stanford Psychiatry Neuroimaging Laboratory

BrainImage is an advanced 2D and 3D image processing and analysis program for the Apple Macintosh PowerPC computers that has been developed in our Laboratory over the past several years. The original program design for BrainImage was based on the public domain application, NIH Image.

Although a significant number of advanced features specific to processing and analysis of three-dimensional MRI data have been added to BrainImage as a result of source code additions or modifications to this program by Dr. Reiss and associates, BrainImage retains the original intuitive user-interface and features of NIH Image including built-in procedures and functions that can be accessed with a Pascal-like macro programming language. This affords the end-user the opportunity to rapidly and automatically repeat and/or combine procedures or functions that otherwise would be quite time-consuming if performed manually and sequentially.

Recent work on this software includes the incorporation of several new interactive procedures for 3D MRI quantification including semi-automated procedures for removing non-brain tissues from images, fuzzy segmentation of tissue compartments, global or local parcellation (based on the Talairach atlas), region-growing, etc.

NIfTI-1 support
Dr. Allan L. Reiss and Staff of the Stanford Psychiatry Neuroimaging Lab
Keith Bettinger
By ftp via Web registration.
How to get
Register for download access to the program and protocols here.
Current version
Current version release date
Open source
Available free of charge
Current Mac Version-PowerPC 604/200 or faster Runs native in Mac OS 9 and under Classic in Mac OS X.
Technical publications
Kaplan DM, Liu AM, Abrams MT, Warsofosky IS, Kates WR, White CD, Kaufmann WE, and Reiss AL: Application of an automated parcellation method to the analysis of pediatric brain volumes. Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging 76:15-27, 1997.

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Kates WR, Warsofsky I, Patwardhan A, Abrams MT, Liu AMC, Kaufmann WE, Naidu S, and Reiss AL: Automated Talairach-based parcellation and measurement of cerebral lobes in children Psychiatry Research (in press).
Applications publications
Reiss AL, Abrams MT, Greenlaw R, Freund L, Denckla MB: Neurodevelopmental effects of the FMR-1 full mutation in humans. Nature Medicine 1:159-167, 1995.

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Kates WR, Mostofsky SH, Zimmerman AW, Mazzocco MMM, Landa R, Warsofsky IS, Kaufmann WE and Reiss AL: Neuroanatomic and neurocognitive differences in monozygotic twins discordant for autism Annals of Neurology 43:782-791, 1998.

Mostofosky SH, Reiss AL, Lockhart P and Denckla MB: Evaluation of cerebellar size in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Journal of Child Neurology 13: 434-439, 1998.
Other information
Technical support not available at the present time.
HBP supported, segmentation, visualization, volume
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05 Jun 2003