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iiV (internet image Viewer)
Cognitive Neuroimaging Unit, VA Medical Center, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
iiV is an interactive brain imaging data display tool written in Java. It displays 3-D data sets as slices perpendicular to the 3 major axis. Individual slice voxels are mapped thru a linear scaling, threshold and color table to displayable pixel values. Any number of slices from any number of data files may be arranged, annotated, overlaid, cropped, zoomed and rotated. iiV maintains the original data internally for mouse selection and display of original voxel values. If input locations map to a real world valued coordinates that mapping may be applied to display selected voxel locations in real coordinates. Slices may also include tracking crosshairs and automatically update to display the same region of the brain as selected in another slice. iiV includes a fairly complete set of editing commands including selection, drag, group, delete, and undo/redo commands. It also includes a script language for saving and reloading of the interactive display and creating animated demos. iiV supports reading ANALYZE, ECAT, ECAT7, DICOM, GIF, JPEG, PPM, Stimulate SDT, and raw data formats and saving what is displayed as scripts, GIF and PPM files.
NIfTI-1 support
Joel T. Lee
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May 20, 2003
Open source
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Java 1.1.8 with swing 1.1.1, or Java 1.3 or higher
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HBP supported, visualization
JVM, Linux, MacOS, SunOS, UNIX, Windows
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23 May 2003