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Medical Image Processing, Analysis and Visualization - NIH
Originally developed to support scientific imaging research for the NIH intramural research program. The development of a platform-independent, n-dimensional, general-purpose, extensible image processing and visualization program has mature significantly and is now available to others outside NIH.
As its name implies the application supports a wide range functionality needed by researchers that have imaging data.
1. Segmentation
2. Inter/Intra multi-modality registration
3. Surface rendering
4. Volume rendering
5. Reading and writing a great number of biomedical file formats including: DICOM 3.0, Analyze, NIFTI, SPM, MINC, Phillips, GE, Zeiss, Biorad, jpeg, png, tiff, mrc, fits, interfile, and many more.

NIfTI-1 support
As of MIPAV version 2.0, we have made many improvements, improved robustness and fixed a couple bugs.
Matthew McAuliffe, PhD
Matthew McAuliffe
free for non-profit entities
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This application is written in the Java programming language and therefore can execute on any platform where there is a Java Virtual Machine (JVM). We bundle the latest JVM and any required libraries with the application installer to ease the installation. The amount of memory required is dependent on the imaging application and the size of the dataset, but we recommend a minimum computer equivalent:

2.0 GHz CPU
0.5 GB main memory
128MB Graphics Card with OpenGL driver that supports 3D texture mapping if you want plan to use the surface renderer's texture map renderer. These cards typically cost $200-$300 dollars.
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atlas, BIRN, microscopy, NIfTI-1 support, registration, segmentation, surface analysis, visualization, volume, warping
any Java enabled platform, HPUX, IDL, IRIX, Linux, MacOS, MATLAB, SunOS, UNIX, Windows
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