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Talairach Daemon
Research Imaging Institute, UTHSC San Antonio
The Talairach Daemon (TD) is a high-speed database server for querying and retrieving data about human brain structure over the internet. TD data is searched using x-y-z coordinates resolved to 1x1x1 mm volume elements within a standardized stereotaxic space. An array, indexed by x-y-z coordinates, that spans 170 mm (x), 210 mm (y) and 200 mm (z), provides high-speed access to data. Array dimensions were selected to be approximately 25% larger than those of the Co-planar Stereotaxic Atlas of the Human Brain (Talairach and Tournoux, 1988). Coordinates tracked by the TD server are spatially consistent with the Talairach Atlas.

Software tools include an on-line applet with graphics, fully downloadable Java versions of the TD with graphics and database, and several command line tools for those without graphics capabilities.
NIfTI-1 support
Jack L. Lancaster & Peter T. Fox
Updates posted to web site
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Open source
Available free of charge
Applet works with most browsers.

Java clients for Windows, Mac, and Unix/

Command line versions for Windows, SGI, and Sun Solaris.
Technical publications
Lancaster JL, Rainey LH, Summerlin JL, Freitas CS, Fox PT, Evans AE, Toga AW, Mazziotta JC, "Automated Labeling of the Human Brain: A Preliminary Report on the Development and Evaluation of a Forward-Transform Method", Human Brain Mapping 5:238-242, 1997.
Applications publications
Lancaster JL, Woldorff MG, Parsons LM, Liotti M, Freitas CS, Rainey L, Kochunov PV, Nickerson D, Mikiten SA, Fox PT, "Automated Talairach Atlas labels for functional brain mapping". Human Brain Mapping 10:120-131, 2000.
Other information
The TD database has been incorporated into several functional image processing packages including AFNI, FSL, Mango, MedX, and Turbofire.
anatomical labels, atlas, HBP supported, Talairach Atlas
Java, MacOS, UNIX, Windows
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10 Feb 2011