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NeuroTerrain Atlas Server
Laboratory for Bioimaging & Anatomical Informatics, Dept. Neurobio. & Anat., Drexel U. Coll. of Med.
The Neuroterrain Atlas Server (NAS) is designed to efficiently serve up histological image slices from isotropic, 3D neuroanatomical data sets and segmented brain regions of interest (ROIs) sliced according to any one of the standard, neuroanatomical slicing planes - i.e., coronal, horizontal and sagittal. Such slicing is performed by a researcher using the pure Java-based NetOStat Neuroterrain Atlas Browser. Slicing can not only be performed normal to these 3 slicing axes, but also with arbitrary "tilt" about any one of the 3 axes, making it possible for an end user to select any arbitrary 2D plane cut through the 3D data set.
NIfTI-1 support
Jonathan Nissanov
Hosted service accessible but binary is not currently distributed. Data sets can be submitted for hosting via the NT Atlas Server
How to get
Contact about hosting a data set.
Current version
Current version release date
August, 2006
Open source
Available free of charge
Currently requires: - submission of aligned 2.5D (image stacks) or true 3D image data sets for translation into NT Atlas Server format (MacroVoxel). - use of the Java NetOStat client to view data from the server (or programming to the NT-SDK to integrate NT client navigational/analysis capability into other Java applications).
Technical publications
Gustafson, C., Tretiak, O., Bertrand, L. and, Nissanov, J. (2004) Design and implementation of software for assembly and browsing of 3D brain atlases.
Comput Methods Programs Biomed.,Vol.74,pages:53-61.
Applications publications
Other information
Tool in used to support analysis of the Mouse Brain Library, as well as within the Mouse BIRN testbed project.
atlas, BIRN, HBP supported, microscopy, registration, segmentation, visualization, volume, warping
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16 Aug 2006