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Asclepios Research Team, INRIA Sophia Antipolis, France
MedINRIA is a free collection of softwares developed within the Asclepios research project at INRIA Sophia Antipolis, France. It aims at providing state-of-the-art algorithms dedicated to medical image processing and visualization for clinicians. Efforts have been made to simplify the user interface, while keeping high-level algorithms. MedINRIA is available for Microsoft windows XP, Linux Fedora Core 5 and MacOSX, and is fully multithreaded.

Current modules available:

  1. ImageViewer;
  2. DTI Track;
  3. TensorViewer;
  4. RegistrationTool;
  5. Lesion Segmentation Editor/Comparison;
  6. SLViewer;

The ImageViewer is a simple yet powerful image visualization module which is able to read a large panel of medical images: DICOM, analyze, ITK MetaImage, jpeg, png, tiff, etc. User can switch between loaded images via tab-browsing, images can be re-orientated and saved.

The DTI Track module provides all necessary tools for in-deep DT-MRI analysis and fiber tracking. From diffusion tensor field estimation, to FA/ADC computation, tensor smoothing, and fiber extraction, this module will help you to extract a fiber bundle of interest. Moreover, it is now possible to fuse fMRI data with fiber pathways, to determine likely paths linking activated regions. This module uses Log-Euclidean metrics to process tensors, protected by a patent (Filing Number 0503483).

The Tensor Viewer is complementary to DTI Track. It allows you to visualize tensor fields obtained with the DTI module. Sometimes, tensors are flipped due to errors in the acquisitions or storing process. With Tensor Viewer, you will be able to check the validity of the diffusion tensors, correct a geometry problem if any by flipping the tensors, and save the result.

The Registration Tool is entirely dedicated to image registration. It provides an easy to use toolkit for three types of registration :
- Manual rigid registration allows the user to intuitively register two images in a few clicks;
- Automatic affine registration does not need any user interaction to register images with an affine transformation;
- Diffeomorphic registration is a non linear process that ensure the invertibility of the transform. It also provides intuitive ways of evaluating the accuracy of the registration process.

- SLViewer is a sulcal line viewer. This module is mainly here for internal use at Asclepios, and has no documentation yet. However, we thought that it might be useful for others, since it can read and visualize vtk files: vtkStructuredGrid and vtkUnstructuredGrid containing tensor data are visualized as ellipsoids, and vtkPolyData files are displayed using polygons.
NIfTI-1 support
Yes - NIfTI-1 is fully supported via the ITK IO factory. All modules support 3D scalar NIfTI files. More especially, DTI Track supports 4D NIfTI files for DWI and tensor fields. TensorViewer supports NIfTI tensor files as well. ImageViewer supports 4D NIfTI files and is able to display every single 3D image contained in a 4D volume.
Pierre Fillard and Nicolas Toussaint, INRIA Sophia Antipolis
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Download section on the website.
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Open source
Available free of charge
No specific requirements under Windows and MacOSX. The linux version requires GTK-2+ and gtkglext. 1 GB of RAM is recommended as well as a powerful graphic card (256 MB of graphic memory).
Technical publications
Vincent Arsigny, Pierre Fillard, Xavier Pennec, and Nicholas Ayache. Log-Euclidean Metrics for Fast and Simple Calculus on Diffusion Tensors. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 56(2):411-421, August 2006.

Pierre Fillard, Vincent Arsigny, Xavier Pennec, and Nicholas Ayache. Clinical DT-MRI estimation, smoothing and fiber tracking with log-Euclidean metrics. In Proceedings of the Third IEEE International Symposium on Biomedical Imaging (ISBI 2006), Crystal Gateway Marriott, Arlington, Virginia, USA, pages 786-789, April 2006.
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DICOM, diffusion, DTI, DT-MRI, functional, Log-Euclidean, NIfTI-1 support, registration, segmentation, statistical, Tensor, Tractography, visualization, volume, warping
Linux, MacOS, Windows
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26 Jun 2007