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System for neuron tracing, brain mapping and neuroImaging
Neurolucida ® is advanced scientific software for performing brain mapping, neuron tracing, anatomical mapping, and morphometry. Neurolucida has the flexibility to handle data in many formats: using live images from digital or video cameras; stored image sets from confocal microscopes, electron microscopes, and scanning tomographic sources, or through the microscope oculars using our patented Lucivid[TM]. Neurolucida controls a motorized XYZ stage for integrated navigation through tissue sections, allowing for sophisticated analysis from many fields-of-view. The Neurolucida Serial Section Manager integrates unlimited sections into a single data file, maintaining each section in appropriate 3D space for full quantitative analysis.
NIfTI-1 support
MBF Bioscience (MicroBrightField Inc.)
MBF Bioscience
How to get
Contact MBF (802-299-9290) USA
Current version
Current version release date
June 2007
Open source
Available free of charge
PC Pentium® 4 processor (or AMD processor with similar benchmarks) Microsoft Windows XP or 2000 256 MB RAM 40GB Hard drive
Technical publications
A full bibliography of publications that have cited Neurolucida can be found here: Neurolucida Bibiography
Applications publications
Neurolucida Bibliography
Other information
The Neurolucida system, used in leading neuroscience labs worldwide, is designed to link your computer and microscope for fully interactive data analysis. A typical Neurolucida system is composed of the following components:
  • Neurolucida software
  • Digital or Video camera with frame grabber
  • Motorized microscope stage and focus
  • Mouse or graphics tablet
  • PC computer running Microsoft Windows 2000 or later
  • Printer
Neurolucida is designed to operate on a wide variety of microscope instrumentation and PC hardware commonly used in laboratories. This versatility allows you to have a Neurolucida system configured to fit your exact research needs – and budget. Neurolucida will meet your quantitative challenges in optical or video imaging using upright, inverted, electron, or confocal microscopes. Use any illumination technique including: brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, and epifluorescence
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Vista, Win 2000, Windows, Win XP
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15 Jun 2007