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DTI Gradient Table Creator
F.M. Kirby Research Center, Kennedy Krieger Institute, Johns Hopkins University
DTI_gradient_table_creator computes the correct gradient table (i.e., the list of vectors that describe the diffusion weighting directions to use for analysis) for DTI acquisitions on Philips MRI scanners. The code computes the gradient table based on minimal user input, and provides a quick and easy method to determine the correct gradient table necessary to calculate diffusion tensors (i.e., for FA, color coded principal eigenvector, fiber tracking etc.). The specifics of the gradient table on the Philips MRI scanner are determined by:

* The 3 coordinate frames in which directions are defined on the MR scanner (XYZ, MPS, LPS)

* The rules for how several imaging options (slice orientation, slice angulation, phase encoding direction, etc.) impact the gradient directions.

* The scanner software release and user supplied information about the DTI scan

* Any coregistration (motion correction) performed with AIR or FSL FLIRT

DTI_gradient_table_creator outputs ASCII text gradient tables compatible with CATNAP, DTIstudio, dtiproc and other DTI analysis suites. I have made 2 forms of the code available, Matlab source code (preferred) and an online JAVA applet (for researchers who do not have access to Matlab).
NIfTI-1 support
The development of this software was supported by NIH/NCRR grant RR15241 to the Kennedy Krieger Institute, RO1AG20012 and U24 RR021382-02 (Morphometry group of the Biomedical Informatics Research Network, BIRN).
Jonathan Farrell, Bennett Landman, Craig Jones
publically available
How to get
download Matlab code OR use online JAVA applet
Current version
Current version release date
December 11, 2006
Open source
Available free of charge
Matlab 7.1 for Matlab m-files
JAVA Runtime Environment 1.5 for applet
Technical publications
Papers currently under review
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Other information
BIRN, diffusion, DTI, gradient tables, Philips, registration
Java, MATLAB, UNIX, Windows
IATR listing last updated
30 Jan 2007