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BrainMagix is a universal neuroimaging software: multi-modality, multi-manufacturers.

Basic Module and Fusion

This is the heart of the software. It implements the core functions, import/export, display, measurement and annotation of images:

  • - DICOM receiver for image transfer via network
  • - Universal import of DICOM MRI, CT and PET scan images, whatever their source
  • - Display of native or reconstructed images in orthogonal viewer or in cine mode
  • - Multi-modality fusion in semi-transparency and adjustable colour tables
  • - Automatic coregistration (alignement) of several image volumes (e.g. T1 on T1, PET on T2,etc.)
  • - Navigation tools: zoom, pan, contrast window adjust
  • - Regions of interest: definition and editing regions (circle, square, polygon), intra-ROI measurements (average, standard deviation, histogram, curve, distance, area and volume) and inter-ROI (mirror comparison: division, subtraction, etc..), export
  • - DICOM export on the disk of the images possibly annotated, in grayscale or in colour, and sending over the network. The exported images are compatible with PACS and neuronavigation systems

These features are common to all modules described below.

fMRI Module

  • - Definition of fMRI paradigms (multi-runs, multi-conditions, multi-contrast) in an XML file
  • - Automated SPM analysis:
    • - realignment intra- and inter-series
    • - coregistration with the anatomical image
    • - filtering of the fMRI series
    • - Statistical analysis with the general linear model
    • - Threshold adjustment (p-value and cluster size)
    • - Overlay of the fMRI activations on the anatomical volume

Perfusion and Diffusion Module

  • - Perfusion MRI and CT
    • - Non-quantitative analysis based on fitted time-vs-concentration curves.
    • - Visualization of signal and concentration curves before and after the fitting, pixel-by-pixel or in a region of interest.
  • - Diffusion (DWI) and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI)
    • - Calculation of apparent diffusion coefficient (DWI)
    • - Calculation of the diffusion tensor (DTI)
    • - Generation of maps:
      • - Apparent diffusion coefficient
      • - Color mapping of white matter
      • - Fractional anisotropy

NIfTI-1 support
BrainMagix imports and exports DICOM images.
BrainMagix: Neuroimaging Software
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