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Rview is a general purpose volume registration and data display tool developed for medical imaging applications. It supports multiple 3D slices with selectable interpolation, displays of contours, vectors and multiple sets of vectors on arbitrary 3D planes. Volume rendering and MIP are also included. There is also a significant manual segmentation tool for delineating structures in MRI data.
NIfTI-1 support
The current version of rview supports the reading of Nifti data formats (including where possible the correct orientation information). See manual page on formats for current details. Planned writing of nifti format is in the near future.
Colin Studholme
Yes, Free download via email request
How to get
See online instructutions on website
Current version
Current version release date
May 2007
Open source
Free key file supplied by email
Available free of charge
Currently runs best under windows: XP, 95,98, ME. (Not tested with Vista yet.) No graphics hardware required.
Technical publications
Main Registration Method Paper:

C.Studholme, D.L.G.Hill,D.J.Hawkes, An Overlap Invariant Entropy Measure of 3D Medical Image Alignment, Pattern Recognition, Vol 32(1), pp 71-86, Jan 1999.

Other Papers:

D.L.G.Hill, C.R.Maurer Jr, C. Studholme, J.M. Fitzpatrick, D.J.Hawkes,Correcting Scaling Errors in Tomographic Images Using a Nine Degree of Freedom Registration Algorithm, J. Comput Assist Tomogr Vol 22 No 2, 1998, p317-323.

C.Studholme, D.L.G.Hill, D.J. Hawkes, Automated 3-D Registration of MR and CT Images of the Head, Medical Image Analysis , Vol. 1, Issue 2., June 1996 ,pp. 163-175,Oxford University Press.

C.Studholme, D.L.G.Hill, D.J. Hawkes, Automated Three-Dimensional Registration of Magnetic Resonance and Positron Emission Tomography Brain Images by Multiresolution Optimisation of Voxel Similarity Measures, Medical Physics, Vol. 24, No. 1, Jan 1997,pp. 25-35. American Institute of Physics.

Applications publications
Example papers that have used this tool for creation or display of results include:

P.J. Lewis, A. Siegel, A.M. Siegel, C. Studholme,J. Sojkova,D.W. Roberts,V.M. Thadani, K.L. Gilbert,T.M. Darcey, P.D. Williamson, Does Performing Image Registration and Subtraction in Ictal Brain SPECT Help Localize Neocortical Seizures, J. Nuc. Med., Oct 2000.

R.A. Avery, J.S. Francowicz, C. Studholme, C.H. van Dyck, A.F.T. Arnsten, The Alpha-2A-Adrenoreceptor Agonist, Guanfacine, Increases Regional Cerebral Blood Flow in Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex of Monkeys Performing a Spatial Working Memory Task, Neuropsychopharmacology, 2000, Vol 23, No 3.

C. Studholme, E. Novotny, I.G. Zubal, J.S. Duncan, Estimating Tissue Deformation Between Functional Images Induced by Intracranial Electrode Implantation Using Anatomical MRI, NeuroImage, Vol 13(4), pp 561-576, 2001.

C.Studholme, V. Cardenas, R. Blumenfeld, N. Schuff, H.J. Rosen, B. Miller, M. Weiner, A Deformation Tensor Morphometry Study of Semantic Dementia with Quantitative Validation, NeuroImage, Vol 21, pp 1387-1398, April 2004.

Bistra Iordanova, Daniel Rosenbaum, David Norman, Michael Weiner, Colin Studholme, MRI study of Neurodegeneration: A Robust Volumetric Parcellation Method of the Frontal Lobe Gyri with Quantitative Validation in Dementia Patients, AJNR, vol 27, pp 1747-1754, Sep 2006.

V. Cardenas, C. Studholme, S. Gazdzinski, T. Durazzo D. Meyerhoff, ``Deformation Based Morphometry of Brain Volume Changes During Recovery from Alcohol Dependence'', In Press, Neuroimage, 2007.

Other information
RView supports a number of important medical image formats, which makes it particularly useful in nuclear medicine. It also attempts to interpret image orientation where possible to allow automated registration and fusion of data acquired in different planes On going work to improve DICOM support and also NIFTI. Please check the website regularly for the current version!
DICOM, Signa, CTI, ECAT, SMIS Picker, HDF, Interfi, NIfTI-1 support, registration, segmentation, surface analysis, visualization, volume
planned native release on linux soon., Will run under wine., Windows
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19 Jun 2007