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Surface-Based Atlases
Washington University School of Medicine
Surface-based atlases of human, macaque, and mouse cerebral and cerebellar cortices developed in our laboratory can be downloaded by direct hyperlink connections to our WebSuMS database (see below) and can be viewed using our freely available Caret software. Each atlas contains a growing compendium of experimental data pertaining to the structural and functional organization of the cortices.
NIfTI-1 support
David Van Essen, Donna Hanlon, John Harwell, James Dickson, Heather Drury
Donna Hanlon (
How to get
go to www link above; log in as public, password guest
Current version
October, 2002
Current version release date
Open source
Available free of charge
Caret visualization software to view the atlases ( -- available on IRIX, Linux, Solaris, and MacOSX).
Technical publications
Van Essen, D.C., Dickson, J., Harwell, J., Hanlon, D., Anderson, C.H. and Drury, H.A. 2001. An Integrated Software System for Surface-based Analyses of Cerebral Cortex. Journal of American Medical Informatics Association. 8:443-459 (Downloadable from our website).
Applications publications
Van Essen, D.C. Lewis, J.W,. Drury, H.A., Hadjikhani, N., Tootell, R.B.H., Bakircioglu, M. and Miller, M.I. (2001) Mapping visual cortex in monkeys and humans using surface-based atlases. Vision Research (special issue). (in press). Abstract or Full Text PDF (1.5M). NOTE: this color PDF file must be viewed with Acrobat 4.0 or 5.0. Download Acrobat 5.0 from

Van Essen DC, Drury HA (1997) Structural and Functional Analyses of Human Cerebral Cortex Using a Surface-Based Atlas. J Neuroscience 17: 7079-7102.
Other information
atlas, functional, HBP supported, surface analysis, visualization, volume
IRIX, Linux, MacOS, SunOS, UNIX
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22 Sep 2005