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PMOD Technologies
PMOD consists of a set of user-friendly and powerful tools, each corresponding to a major task. The general modeling tool contains a comprehensive set of models for the analysis of time-activity data. With the pixel-wise tool specialized models can be applied to calculate functional maps showing absolute tissue parameters. The cardiac tool is tailored to assess function in cardiac segments by full kinetic modeling, and to compare the outcome against normal databases. The image fusion tool not only allows to register images, but also enables the user to explore the calculated functional images in detail. Further interactive investigation is facilitated by the versatile 3D rendering tool. A fully automatic analysis of FDG data from patients with suspected Alzheimer's dementia is provided by the Alzheimer's discrimination analysis tool which is based on the outcome of a vast multi-center trial. Based on the new normal brain database tool users can implement unique strategies to establish their own brain analysis procedure for new tracers or specific diseases.
NIfTI-1 support
Both single file (.nii) and double file (.hdr + .img) images are accepted but only in uncompressed form. Gzipped images must be uncompressed prior to their usage with PMOD. PMOD reads the following NIfTI data types: 8-bit unsigned and signed byte (DT_UINT8 and DT_INT8), 16-bit unsigned and signed short (DT_UINT16 and DT_INT16), 32-bit unsigned and signed int (DT_UINT32 and DT_INT32), 32-bit float (DT_FLOAT32), 64-bit double (DT_DOUBLE) and 24-bit RGB (DT_RGB). 64-bit double data are rounded to 32-bit float representation. Up to 4D data is supported, meaning PMOD does not accept files with the 5th dimension greater 1. Only a single value or a single RGB triplet per pixel is supported. If qform_code > 0, PMOD uses qform matrices, otherwise if sform_code > 0 sform matrices will be used. When neither is defined data orientations remain undefined in PMOD. PMOD does not support any extensions nor NIfTI statistical codes.
PMOD Technologies
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