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Washington University School of Medicine
SumsDB (Surface Management System Database) is a database for efficient entry, storage, and retrieval of surface-related data. A browser interface allows easy search and retrieval of data contained in SumsDB.
NIfTI-1 support
James Dickson, David Van Essen, Donna Hanlon & Heather Drury
James Dickson (
Freely available and accessible via web browser
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Technical publications
For PDF versions of many of our publications, see

David C. Van Essen, A Population-Average, Landmark- and Surface-based (PALS) atlas of human cerebral cortex, NeuroImage, In Press

Van Essen, D.C., Harwell, J., Hanlon, D, and Dickson, J., 2005. Surface-Based Atlases and a Database of Cortical Structure and Function. In, Databasing the Brain, From Data to Knowledge (Neuroinformatics. S.H. Koslow and S. Subramaniam, eds., John Wiley & Sons, NJ, pp. 369-388. Watkins KE, Paus T, Lerch JP, Zijdenbos A, Collins DL, Neelin P, Taylor J, Worsley KJ, Evans

Van Essen, D.C., 2002. Windows on the brain. The emerging role of atlases and databases in neuroscience. Curr. Op. Neurobiol. 12, 574-579.

Van Essen, D.C., Dickson, J., Harwell, J., Hanlon, D., Anderson, C.H. and Drury, H.A. 2001. An Integrated Software System for Surface-based Analyses of Cerebral Cortex. Journal of American Medical Informatics Association . (Special issue on the Human Brain Project. 8, 443-459.
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atlas, database storage retrieval, HBP supported, segmentation, surface analysis, visualization, volume
HPUX, IRIX, Linux, MacOS, SunOS, UNIX, Windows
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22 Sep 2005