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This tool supports NIfTI-1.

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Wellcome Department of Imaging Neuroscience, 12 Queen Square, London WC1N 3AR, UK.

Images are spatially normalised into a standard space, and smoothed.

Parametric statistical models are assummed at each voxel, using the General Linear Model to describe the variability in the data in terms of experimental and confounding effects, and residual variability. Hypotheses expressed in terms of the model parameters are assessed at each voxel with univariate statistics. This gives an image whose voxel values are statistics, a Statistic Image, or Statistical Parametric Map (SPM{t}, SPM{F}) Temporal convolution of the General Linear Model for fMRI enables the application of results from serially correlated regression, permitting the construction of statistic images from fMRI time series.

The multiple comparisons problem of simultaneously assessing all the voxel statistics is addressed using the theory of continuous random fields, assumming the statistic image to be a good lattice representation of an underlying continuous stationary random field. Results for the Euler characteristic lead to corrected p-values for each voxel hypothesis. In addition, the theory permits the computation of corrected p-values for clusters of voxels exceeding a given threshold, and for entire sets of supra-threshold clusters, leading to more powerful statistical tests at the expense of some localising power.

NIfTI-1 support
SPM5 supports reading and writing of nifti-1. Analyze images can still be read, but all images will be written out as nifti-1. See SPM5andNIFTI1 for more information.
Methods Group of the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging + others
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SPM2 and SPM5b
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SPM5 (1st Dec, 2005)
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Technical publications
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