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RAVENS (Regional volumetric analysis of brain images)
Performs elastic spatial normalization of brain images, in a mass-preserving framework, which allows for volumetric measurements of very high spatial resolution and with no apriori definitions of ROIs.
NIfTI-1 support
Dinggang Shen, Christos Davatzikos
Christos Davatzikos at
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Contact Christos Davatzikos at
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Open source
Available free of charge
Unix or Linux
Technical publications
1. D. Shen and C. Davatzikos, “Very High Resolution Morphometry Using Mass-Preserving Deformations and HAMMER Elastic Registration”, NeuroImage, 18(1):28-41, January 2003.

2. C. Davatzikos, A. Genc, D. Xu, and S.M. Resnick, “Voxel-Based Morphometry Using the RAVENS Maps: Methods and Validation Using Simulated Longitudinal Atrophy”, NeuroImage, 14:1361-1369, December 2001

3. C. Davatzikos, H. Lee, E. Herskovits and S.M. Resnick, ``Analysis of accuracy and sensitivity in detecting brain activations via statistical parametric mapping: A study using a PET simulator'', NeuroImage, 13:176-184, 2001.

4. C. Davatzikos, ``Measuring biological shape using geometry-based shape transformations'', J. Image and Vision Comp., 19:63-74, 2001.

5. A.F. Goldszal, C. Davatzikos, D.L. Pham, M.X.H. Yan, R.N. Bryan, and S.M. Resnick, ``An Image Processing Protocol for Qualitative and Quantitative Volumetric Analysis of Brain Images'', J. Comp. Assist. Tomogr., 22(5):827-837, 1998.

6. D. Shen and C. Davatzikos, “HAMMER: Hierarchical Attribute Matching Mechanism for Elastic Registration", IEEE Trans. on Medical Imaging, 21(11):1421-1439, 2002
Applications publications
1. S.M. Resnick, A.F. Goldszal, C. Davatzikos, S. Golski, M.A. Kraut, E.J. Metter, R.N. Bryan, and A.B. Zonderman, ``One-year age changes in MRI brain volumes in older adults'', Cerebral Cortex, 10:464-472, 2000.

2. C. Davatzikos and S.M. Resnick, ``Sex differences in anatomic measures of interhemispheric connectivity: correlations with cognition in women but not in men'', Cerebral Cortex Oct/Nov 1998;8:635-640.
Other information
atlas, functional, registration, segmentation, warping
IRIX, Linux, SunOS, UNIX
IATR listing last updated
30 May 2003