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About tool reviews

IATR now supports user reviews of listed tools.

Users may fill out the tool review form and comment on focused aspects of software listed in IATR: ease of installation, functionality of the tool, and documentation of the tool.

To avoid hosting a battleground, the IATR team will screen all reviews, which are then forwarded to the tool developer for comment. No user reviews will be posted on IATR without giving the tool developer opportunity to respond to the review. The user review and the developer response will then be posted together on IATR.

Users submitting reviews are asked for their e-mail address; this address is for use by the IATR team only and will be kept confidential. It will not be forwarded to the tool developer or posted anywhere the IATR site.

By focusing the user review form and allowing developers the opportunity to comment on reviews, we are attempting to filter out flames and extraneous comments while allowing enough room for users to express their thoughts. Please let us know how we're doing!