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Image management tools

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Leica IM Image Managers (Leica Microsystems)

Leica Microsystems offers both the Leica IM500 Image Manager and the Leica IM1000 Image Manager.

Neuroinfo (MicroBrightField, Inc)

Neuroinfo is a software package for storing and serving large arrays of microscopy data. Data acquired at various magnifications can be integrated to allow navigation of the data on a number of scales. Example data sets can be viewed at

NeuroTerrain Atlas Server/Browser

The NeuroTerrain Atlas Server efficiently serves up histological image slices from isotropic, 3D neuroanatomical data sets and segmented brain regions of interest (ROIs). (From the NeuroTerrain Atlas Server home page.) Used with the NeuroTerrain Atlas Browser.

webRacer (Soft Imaging System GmbH)

webRacer is an image database that allows databasing and web serving of images.


The Extensible Neuroimaging Archive Toolkit (XNAT) is an open source software platform designed to facilitate management and exploration of neuroimaging and related data. (From the XNAT home page.)