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MINC - volume_io
A simplified API for the MINC file format
Volume IO was developed as part of a medical imaging software testbed by David MacDonald, with source code and considerable input from Peter Neelin, Louis Collins, and others at the Centre. The library, which is referred to as the BIC Volume IO Library, comprises a set of functions for reading and writing volumes of medical imaging data, as well as some general support routines useful to many programming tasks. Images at the Brain Imaging Centre are stored on disk in a format called MINC, which stands for Medical Image Net CDF. More information is available in related documentation specifically concerning this format and the MINC library of routines used to read and write MINC files. The BIC Volume IO Library is built on top of the MINC library to provide easy access to MINC files for most general operations, without having to learn too much of the details of the MINC library, which is a comprehensive system for handling most conceivable cases. The BIC Volume IO Library provides a structure for internal storage of volumes and routines to access and modify volumes. In addition, it provides routines to manipulate tag points and transformations and to perform input and output on these objects in the standardized formats of the Brain Imaging Centre.
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