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Group ICA Toolbox (GIFT and EEGIFT)
The MIND Research Network
Group ICA Toolbox is a MATLAB toolbox which implements multiple algorithms for independent component analysis of group magneto resonance imaging data (GIFT) and electro encephalogram data (EEGIFT) to group studies.
NIfTI-1 support
GroupICAT v2.0a reads and writes Nifti data.
Vince Calhoun, Tom Eichele, Eric Egolf and Srinivas Rachakonda
GIFT Toolbox is free to download and it is an open source project.
How to get
Software is available on the website ( )
Current version
GroupICAT v2.0a
Current version release date
April 2008
Open source
GNU Public License
Available free of charge
Runs on Matlab 6.5 and higher.
Technical publications
1. V.Calhoun, T.Adali, G.Pearlson, and J.Pekar, "A Method for Making Group Inferences From Functional MRI Data Using Independent Component Analysis", Hum.Brain Map., vol. 14, pp. 140-151, 2001.
2. "Group ICA of fMRI Toolbox Manual", E. Egolf, S. Rachakonda, N. Correa, V. Calhoun, 2007.
3. "Group ICA of fMRI Toolbox Walk-Through", E. Egolf, S. Rachakonda, V. Calhoun, 2007.
4. N. Correa, Y.-O. Li, T. Adali, and V. Calhoun, "Comparison of blind source separation algorithms for fMRI using a new Matlab toolbox: GIFT", in Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. Acoust., Speech, Signal Processing (ICASSP), Philadelphia, PA, March 2005.
Applications publications
1. K. Celone, et al., "ICA of FMRI Associative Memory Networks in Normal Aging, MCI and Mild AD", in Proc. Soc. for Neuroscience, San Diego, CA, 2004. (Published Abstract, Article in prep)
2. W. Cunningham, et al., "Similarities Between Evaluative and Non-Evaluative Judgments: A Pluralistic FMRI Analysis Using SPM and Semi-Blind ICA”, Proc. CNS, 2005. (Published Abstract, Article in prep).
3. M. Stevens, Cognition in Adolescent Behavior Disorders, Neuroimaging (Article Submitted).
4. R. Astur, "ICA of fMRI Radial Arm Maze", (to appear CNS Spectrum 2005).
5. R. Astur, "Cocaine-induced Place Preference using Virtual Reality", (Article in prep).
Other information
We now provide EEGIFT toolbox for analyzing group ICA on EEG data (By Tom Eichele). EEGIFT contains options for importing data in .SET format from EEGLAB and visualization methods for viewing group ICA components. Both GIFT and EEGIFT are subsumed within GroupICAT v2.0a.
functional, ICA, EEG, NIfTI-1 support, statistical, visualization
Linux, MacOS, MATLAB, SunOS, UNIX, Windows
IATR listing last updated
15 Apr 2008