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The MITRE Corporation
NeuroServ is a java-based tool for managing and sharing MRI/DTI datasets, and related subject and protocol metadata. Data entry, data access, general query, reporting, analysis, and administrative operations occur through browser-based forms. NeuroServ works with a webserver (Tomcat) and a backend database (e.g., Postgres); a schema and over 40 forms are provided in the distribution. Support for DTI includes entry of multi-orientation raw DWI files, semi-automated normalization to the B0 image and quality filtering. Planned extensions include full DTI processing through image production and data sharing using the SSC incremental visiblity model.
NIfTI-1 support
Jeff Hoyt, Gail Hamilton, Ken Smith
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Version 1 works with Tomcat 4.0 or later and Java 5 or later.
Technical publications

Hoyt, J., Smith, K., Hamilton, G., Cornett, T., and Carley-Spencer, M. Neuroserv: An information system for storage, retrieval, sharing, and discovery of human brain imaging data - with application to DTI. NeuroImage Abs 26 (2005). 11th Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM). Toronto.

Smith, K. Overcoming Challenges to Sharing Neuroimagery. In Databasing the Brain: From Data to Knowledge (NeuroInformatics), S.Koslow and S.Subramaniam, Eds. Wiley and Sons Press,Hoboken, N.J., 2005, chapter 24.

Smith, K., Jajodia, S., Swarup, V., Hoyt, J., Hamilton, G., Cornett, T.,and Faatz, D. Enabling the sharing of neuroimaging data through well-defined intermediate levels of visibility. NeuroImage 22 (2004), 1646-1656.

Feidler, J., Carley, M., Colella, D., Hoyt, J., Iwerks, G., and Smith, K. A searchable archive and repository of neuroimagery. NeuroImage Abs 16, 2 (2002).8th Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM). Sendai.

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data management, diffusion, HBP supported, registration, sharing
Any platform with a Java Virtual Machine (JVM).
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