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Stereo Investigator
Stereology System for brightfield, fluorescence and confocal microscopy
Stereo Investigator ® offers the most comprehensive implementation of unbiased stereology methods available, featuring the optical fractionator.
Obtain efficient, precise, unbiased, and reliable estimates of the number and morphometric properties of biological structures.
Stereo Investigator's wide array of features allows you to work directly with light and confocal microscopes, and with files from electron microscopes and scanning tomographic instruments.
NIfTI-1 support
MBF Bioscience (MicroBrightField Inc.)
MBF Bioscience
How to get
Contact MBF (tel. 802-299-9290) USA
Current version
Current version release date
June 2007
Open source
Available free of charge
PC Pentium ® 4 processor (or AMD processor with similar benchmarks) Microsoft Windows ® XP or 2000 256 MB RAM 40GB Hard drive
Technical publications
For a complete list of publications citing Stereo Investigator, please click here: Stereo Investigator bibliography
Applications publications
Stereo Investigator bibliography
Other information
The versatility of Stereo Investigator allows you to tailor a system to fit your exact research needs and budget. Stereo Investigator is designed to operate on a wide variety of microscope instrumentation and PC components commonly used in laboratories. Use any illumination technique including: brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, and epifluorescence.
A typical Stereo Investigator system is composed of the following components:
  • Stereo Investigator software
  • Video or digital camera with frame grabber and/or Lucivid
  • Motorized microscope stage and focus encoder
  • PC computer system.
  • Printer
In keeping with its design goal of flexibility, Stereo Investigator can be used with a variety of motorized stages, stage position encoders and manual stages. Images may be obtained: directly though the microscope oculars with our patented Lucivid, from digital and video cameras, and from stored image files. Stereo Investigator can be run on a standard PC and is compatible with a wide variety of frame grabbers, monochrome and color printers, and slide makers. Stereo Investigator is fully compatible with our Neurolucida system hardware.
Stereo Investigator’s productivity and efficiency is optimized when a three-axis motor driven microscope stage is used. The software automatically maintains the registration of the graphics overlay with the microscope image when the stage is moved beyond the current field of view. This feature ensures the fastest and most accurate data acquisition from objects that extend beyond a single field of view. Focus encoders may also be used to obtain true closed-loop operation.
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Vista, Windows
IATR listing last updated
15 Jun 2007